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Making Self-care A Priority

So many of us never really think to prioritize ourselves and our health; the thought just never occurs. We’re always so focused on taking care of our families, worrying about the next deadline, or thinking about what others might think, we forget to take a step back and see how we feel. We forget to check in with ourselves to see if we’re doing okay. Have you ever looked in a mirror and asked, how am I doing today? If we’re not taking care of ourselves and making it a priority, we really can’t focus on other important aspects in our lives. Ignoring our needs is what leads to burnout, causing everyone to lose. If you’ve ever been asked, you...

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Stay Organized with the Academic Planner

The COVID-19 global pandemic has created many uncertainties for the foreseeable future. For students and teachers, this will be a particularly unique year. Between returning to classrooms, virtual learning, or a combination of the two, staying organized is more important than ever. Our mission is to help you stay organized and focused for this upcoming school year. We want you to stay inspired and on track with your Academic Planner. 1. Start the year with a plan. Once you have received your planner, flip open to the 2020-2021 Road Map. Our Academic Planner offers a two-page spread to help you map out and set goals for the year ahead. Think of what you would like to accomplish for the year...

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Staying Organized While Working Remotely

This year is full of many uncertainties and changes. One of the biggest changes most of us have faced, is the transition to working from home. Whether you work remotely regularly or are working from home for the foreseeable future, these top seven tips will help you stay organized and focused! 1. Have a dedicated workspace. While not everyone may have a separate room to convert into a home office, it is important to have a dedicated workspace you can use every day. Whatever space you have to work with, make sure you feel comfortable spending time in it. Make sure this space has a window for natural light and fresh air. Having an ergonomic chair also ensures that your...

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