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Morning Routine to Get Set for Success

Routines are important and help promote health and wellness through structure and organization. Having a routine can help improve your health in many ways, including decreasing stress levels, improving sleep and bettering overall health.   Here are some tips for an effective morning routine to set up for success:  1. Have a consistent wake up time  Your circadian rhythm will try to ensure your body naturally wakes up at a similar time every day and gets sleepy around the same time as well. Therefore, it is important to ensure you aren’t hitting the snooze button too frequently and are avoiding too many late nights. Keeping a similar sleeping pattern, even on weekends, helps you sleep better, keeps you more focused throughout the day, and...

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Using Notebooks Effectively

If you’re a stationery lover, there’s a chance you love buying new notebooks. There’s just something about writing in a crisp, new notebook that brings you so much joy.   As much joy as new notebooks bring us, there’s also a concern about using them effectively. One of our Scribbly family members asked us to provide some tips on how to use a notebook more effectively. I’m sure many of us could benefit from this. I find that I only use part of a notebook before moving on to the next one. Sometimes there are blank pages left or only half a notebook used, but to avoid confusion I’ll start another one.   If you feel like you do the same, then these...

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Prepping for A New Week

A lot of people believe the work week only consists of the days you’re physically at work, but we believe it’s those days and more. Being prepared for your work week ahead of time can be a great way to increase productivity and organization. If you work Monday-Friday, you may want to designate a few hours on a Sunday to get prepared. Setting aside some quiet time with just you, your calendar, email, and task list can help you mentally prepare for the week ahead and help you feel less stressed.   We understand that to-do lists aren’t set in stone, can change day-to-day, and so many things are just out of our controls. Having a weekly plan gives you an...

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Staying on Top of Your Goals

We all set goals and resolutions for the new year, but many of us jump off track within the first month. Goals are important, as they give us something to work towards. But goals without plans are just thoughts. In order to achieve your goals or to continue working towards them, it is important to have a plan and adopt habits that help.   Staying on track with goals can be a struggle. We’re here to inspire you and provide you with a few tips that can help you stay on track.   1. Write down your goals  The first step towards achieving your goals is to write them down. Whether you use a planner, journal, vision board, or whiteboard – start by clearly...

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What's Your 2021 Word of the Year?

There’s always something exciting about the beginning of a new year. It comes with the promise of new beginnings and adventures. 2021 is especially a year we’re looking forward to, hoping to leave behind the strange and taxing year of 2020.   The new year is all about resolutions, celebration, and starting fresh. There are different ways people look at the new year: to some, it’s merely another year and nothing special, to others it’s the annual time of the year to come up with resolutions to focus on for the upcoming year. But when goals and resolutions don’t come with a proper plan, we often forget about them in a few days. Which is why we like to come up...

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