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Our Story

Our mission is to simplify things by bringing you back to the basics while having fun doing it.

Scribbly was born during the global pandemic in 2020. In December 2019, our Founder, Aman, was looking for the perfect planner — something to keep her organized and inspired while still having fun. Since the ideal planner didn't exist, she created it herself. With a background in business and marketing and a passion for stationery, Aman began searching for ways to turn Scribbly into a reality.

Scribbly is dedicated to creating nostalgic and simple products that bring joy to people's lives. We are passionate about stationery and hope to create products that can be used every day.

Simply reminiscing fonder childhood days

About the Founder

Hi, I’m Aman! I’m a born & raised Canadian gal with a background in marketing and a passion for stationery.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved going to bookstores and stationery shops to explore new planners, pens, papers, and anything I could convince my mom I needed for school! As I grew older, I recognized that stationery became more conventional and less fun. I also struggled to find planners and organizers that helped balance my personal, professional and academic life!

Frustrated by the lack of a functional planner that helped balance my life and ‘boring’ adult stationery, I sought a solution for others like me. Fuelled by my background in marketing and overall love for stationery, I created Scribbly. Scribbly combines simplicity and nostalgia, allowing your inner child to come out and play.